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  • AI that learns the style of an artist and transfer it to other images

    'Neural Artistic Style Transfer' Artificial Intelligence that paints

  • This is a Unity script package for controlling the camera’s position & zoom with mobile touch input similar to how the camera works in Pokemon Go. <a href='https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/camera/mobile-touch-camera-go-108399' target='_blank'>Link to asset</a>

    'Mobile Touch Camera Go' A Unity script package for controlling the camera’s position.

  • This is a Unity shader package for controlling how the emission of the standard material is going to scroll. <a href='https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/scrolling-emission-140641' target='_blank'>Link to asset</a>

    'Scrolling Emission' A Unity script package to scroll material's emission.

  • A technology that aims to enhance gaming experience by letting users use their own dices in digital games and apps. <br/>More information will be release upon official launch of this technology. Please stay tuned!

    'Dice Value Recognition' Multi Platforms Support - Coming Soon..

About Us

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KronBytes is a company that focuses on research and development work beyond latest technologies. The core team of KronBytes include members with many years of industry experiences. KronBytes manifests possibilities and outlines every single step the company take to turn groundbreaking ideas into a fast-growing business. Kronbytes mission is to help businesses save on their valuable resources by integrating machine learning into their workflow and development processes


To be established as the polestar in Research and Development.


To create ground breaking products beyond latest technologies.

Team Profile

Technical Founder
Kelvin Zheng

Tan Meng Hui

A dynamic, determined, enthusiastic and strong-willed gentleman, that always upgrade himself with cutting edge technology, assuming the role as a Technical Director. He is responsible for the successful creation and delivery of the company's product to the marketplace through the development and implementation of key software design and by managing technical risks and opportunities.

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